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They/them | 24 | GMT | Cambridge, UKAbsolutely bonkers about One Piece rn.

A little about me:
AuDHD who loves to feel helpful. Works best under tight schedules (the more urgent the task, the faster it's finished). Has a spreadsheet for everything. Highly competetive and thrives when challenged. Forgetful (Will remember: request to find a specific book. Won't remember: who asked!)

Non-exhaustive list of fandoms I've written for:

Other Fandoms:

Bungou Stray Dogs
Yuri!!! On Ice

Favourite characters:

Aizawa Shouta || Akaguro Chizome || Alex Rider || Artemis Fowl || Blackleg Sanji || Buggy the Clown || Chisaki Kai || Dazai Osamu || Donquixote "Corazon" Rosinante || Edmund Pevensie || Edogawa Ranpo || Edward Elric || Fukuzawa Yukichi || Jason Todd || Kaoru Sakurayashiki || Koby || Midoriya Izuku || Monkey D. Luffy || Nakahara Chuuya || Portgas D. Ace || Red-Haired Shanks || Roronoa Zoro || Sabo || Sherlock Holmes || Shigaraki Tomura || Sigma (BSD) || Tim Drake || Trafalgar D. Water Law || Yassen Gregorovitch || Yoshino Junpei || Zuko

Current as of: 24 May 2024

I have discovered the existence of zines with Purge, a BNHA Stain zine, which I was accepted to in August 2021. It was the best possible introduction.The first zine I moderated was Fragile Things, a Centaurworld zine as a writing mod.It had been a slippery slope ever since.

Current roles in a nutshell:
Formatting: 3
Soc Med: 2
Head: 1
Graphics: 1
Limiting amount of mod roles.
Currently only
joining projects on invite.

Active zines

Guiding Glyphs TarotThe Owl House2023/24FormattingCreation Period
Bullets CresscendoTrigun2023/24FormattingFormatting
Mirai (Aki Hayakawa)CSM2023Soc Med & GraphicsPre-shipping
Divortium (DabiHawks)BNHA2023Soc MedShipping
Vitae (Dazai Osamu)Bungou Stray Dogs2023Head & OrgPre-leftovers

Finished roles in a nutshell:
Writing: 7
Formatting: 11
Soc Med: 2
General: 1
Digital-only: 8
Physical: 11

Finished zines

As in, my job there is done

22Lovejoy ZineLovejoy2023/24FormattingReleased
21Papás Arañas: Canon EventITSV/ATSV2023/24FormattingProduction
20Gotham: The centennial issueDC2023/24FormattingProduction
19Gone Camping!Pocket Camp2023FormattingFinished
18Rattle the StarsTreasure Planet2022/23SocMed & FormatFinished
17FlamekeeperC!Niki MCYT2023/24FormattingReleased
16Wanderlust (AruAni)AoT (AruAni)2023FormattingFinished
14Tonitrus BoltsSpy x Family2023Writing & FormatReleased
13Let's Play Soccer!Inazuma 112023WritingReleased
12HitomeboreShoujo/Shounen2023Emergency FormattingReleased
11The Phantom Strikers AnhologyPersona 52023Emergency FormattingFinished
10Of Love and LoreBNHA (bkdkbk)2022/23Co-writingLeftovers
9Across the UniverseDetroit Become Human2023Emergency FormattingFinished
8Winter WondersNaruto (SasuHina)2023FormattingReleased
7Hands of TimeGoncharov (1973)2023GeneralReleased
6Equestria EscapadesMy Little Pony2023Emergency FormattingReleased
5Anthem for the BrokenStar Wars (Kenobi)2022/23WritingFinished
4For InfinityBNHA (IzuOcha)2022/23WritingFinished
3Young and BoldDC (JonDami)2022/23WritingFinished
2Anthem of FreedomDSMP2021/22Emg Soc MedFinished
1Fragile ThingsCentaurworld2022/23WritingPre-donation
Semper FidelisDC (the Al Ghul's)N/AWritingOn Hiatus
Dancing with the FlamesBNHA (Dabi)2023WritingOn Hiatus

Currently Contributing

Moments in the SunOP (Alabasta)Apr 24Writer
Pigments of ImaginationOP (hue)Apr 24Writer
News Coo CalendarOPApr 24Writer
Sunkissed PagesOP (KobyLu)Mar 24Writer
Sailing the StarsOP (Space)Feb 24Writer
News Coo HalloweenOPJan 24Merch Artist

Finished Contributions

21A Thousand Sunny YearsOP (History)Dec 2023Writer
22Crossing SwordsOP (LawZo)Oct 2023Writer
19Realities VisionsBNHAJuly 2023Writer
18Junpei's CutJJKSept 2023Spot Artist
17Oops! All AutisticMulti-fandomJuly 2023Pinch Writer
16Of Love & LoreBNHA (BkDkBk)June 2023Pinch Writer
15ObsessionCSM (YoshiDen)Apr 2023Writer
14Celestial Night ZineSailor MoonApr 2023Writer
13Starfire Fashion ZineDC (Starfire)Apr 2023Quiz Writer
12ShowstopperBNHAApr 2023Writer
11Electric FeelsBNHA (Kaminari)Mar 2023Writer
10Glass KnivesBenoit BlancMar 2023Artist
9StarburstBNHA (Ashido)Feb 2023Writer
8TsukuyomiBNHA (Tokoyami)Feb 2023Writer
7Tie Me Up - ShibariBNHAJan 2023Writer
6Polar LightsOriginal2022/23Writer
5Ode to the Blade (Sidezine)DSMP (Technoblade)2022/23Art & Fic
4Phoenix WingsBNHA (DabiHawks)2022/23Writer
3Anthem of FreedomDSMP2021/22Artist
2Out of the ClosetHarry Potter2021/22Writer
1PurgeBNHA (Stain)2021Writer

Because some zines are more meaningful than others, and they deserve a bit of special recognition <3

Most proud of as a mod:
Anthem of Freedom - my first soc med! I was brought in mid-creation, and it coincided nicely with my DSMP obsession, which made for the most exciting experience!
Hands of Time - Goncharov (1973) was the wildest Tumblr trend! I wanted nothing more than a zine about it, and I'm happy this one happened!
Of Love and Lore - This one was a wonderful experience! I loved working with this mod team, and it was the best organized project I've been a part of to date.
Rattle the Stars - my baby <3 The first zine I headed! It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but it ended up a massive success & I've learned a lot over the course of it!
Vitae (Dazai Osamu) - my second-born akfjghkafjh This zine takes the cake for the best vibes in the server. All of the contributors were a blast and I've made so many new friends in there!
Most proud of as a contrib:
Purge - my first, best experience ever <3
Tsukuyomi - the cheesiest piece possible <3
Junpei's Cut - my beloved 😭 I took a shot at a hopeless case and ended up being included by some miracle :D
Crossing Swords - the first OP zine I applied to, and the first one I ended up getting accepted into! I'm so happy to be in a zine about Law and Zoro, two of my fav blorbos <3
Pigments of Imagination - this might be my Magnum Opus, at least when it comes to zine pieces. Can't wait to share the piece with everyone!!

Events moderating

Hawks Big BangBNHA2023Head & WritingFinished
Blood Bonds - EraserKing WeekBNHA2022GeneralFinished
ShigaNatsu WeekBNHA2022GeneralFinished
Hawks Big BangBNHA2022Co-Head & WritingFinished
Lady Nagant BangBNHA2022WritingFinished
Secret Easter BunnyBNHA (Miruko)2021/22GeneralFinished
BkDk RemixBNHA2021WritingFinished

Multi-piece events (10+):

Single events (<10):

A world class performanceRanPoe BangBSDJuly '23
Sparkling FriendshipNWA Two PerspectivesBNHAFeb '23
Lost & FoundNWA Holiday Exchange 2BNHADec '22
Crossing over (Circling back)NWA Holiday Exchange 1BNHADec '22
VariousEraserKing WeekBNHANov '22
Despite, Because, and Other Reasons (...)Whumptober 2022BNHAOct '22
In Chaos and MayhemShigaDabi BBBNHAMay '22
Who are you, really?DabiHawks Secret SantaBNHADec '21
MisplacedDSMP Secret SantaDSMPDec '21
Forget Me NotHawks BBBNHAOct '21
VariousNatshig WeekBNHAJun '21
World's Most Unusual Cover Letter00Q Rev BBJames BondFeb '21
Cup of Coffee & Birthday WishesUravity BangBNHAAug '18

You can contact me through discord: Emily Fowl;Alternatively, you can send me DM on Tumblr or Twitter (I don't use them often tho), or use the form below.
If you want to ask anonymously, the form will accept [email protected] or other fake email

I wrote a lot of stuff. Therefore, here's a list of some of my personal favourites <3

TitleMain CharasWordcountComplete?In a nutshell?
The Right Thing To DoIzuku & Stain12kYesBittersweet
Father by Actions, Not by BloodAizawa & Touya1.6kYesIf Your Sperm Donor is Shit, Your Brother's Teacher Will Do
Dozen Ways of Parenting Midoriya IzukuIzuku & Various22kYesChaos of Multiverse
Hear the Bells RingAizawa & Shirakumo/ Fukukado1.5kYesMisunderstanding to Marriage Speedrun
I'll Ask A Hundred TimesAizawa & Chisaki5.4kYesThe Quest For Top Surgery
Vaulting the Vaulter (series)OFA & AFO12kYesEnemies to Family, Slow Roasting
Despite, Because, and Other Reasons to Be KindShigaraki & All Might4kYesBonding in Captivity, Hopeful Ending
Going Against the FlowIzuku & Others8.5kYesHeartbreaking in Both Directions
The Choices We Must MakeIzuku [&] All Might1.7kYesAll Might sized pitchforks sold here
TitleMain CharasWordcountComplete?In a nutshell?
You Are LovedAce & Roger & Rouge13kKinda but yesAce getting to meet his dead parents & learn he is loved 🥺
disconnectedSabo & Ace & Luffy4.5kYesSabo is in Marineford, but his memories still return late. 241 deal!
Kitchen ABCsZeff & Sanji1.9kYesZeff assumes Sanji is illiterate
family connectionsGarp & Ace1kYesGarp outright lies to Sengoku about Ace being his biological grandson.
peekabooDragon & Luffy1.2kYesA glimpse of baby Luffy in Baltigo